i usually ask

but sometimes i kind of trespass.

(i don't think it's really trespassing. it was just a junk yard and there was no scary guard dog or anything.)

in one of my design classes we were assigned to find (or make) an alphabet.

so i talked jason into going over to the junk yard with me to find me some letters.

i really wanted him to come. in case we ran into a scary guard dog or a junk yard fella who needed to be talked into letting us take some innocent pictures. 

and he found the "f". we really liked the "f".
my personal fave was the "v".
he's stickin with the "f".

go here to check out the full alphabet and let us know if you can see all the letters. 
and if you've got a fave shout that out too.


Battfam said...

Interesting pictures. I could hardly tell what that one thing was before it became a V.

Lucy said...

I'm not too good at finding the alpahbet, but I like the "F" too

Anonymous said...

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Haley and Jon said...

What a fun assignment. You did a great job! I could see all of them.

Becky said...

Great job!! I bet some of those were hard to find!!
p.s. you'll have to let me know if you ever figure out what one of your comments says.... WHAT THE?!?!

Bobbi said...

I really like the "A". Very creative and Fun!

Audrey said...

Yeah why the heck did so and so leave a comment that you can't even read? Hmm
Love em all but I too am a fan of the f!

Battfam said...

I am excited because I actually know what the mystery comment says. Maybe there is hope for me.
P. S. It is nothing kinky.

Battfam said...

I'm not sure I would visit Clausewitz/s blog though.