i hate fruity gum

ok. we are moved in and settled (this happened a few days ago) and we love the extra space.
there is one slight snag, saddly. (well. two. you have to open the fridge to access the knife drawer. it's kinda wedged in there a bit. slight draw-back, nothing to complain about. much.)
the real snag is the mystery smell that kills me every time i walk in the door. naturally.

let me try to explain what this smell is like.

in high school it seemed like Trident fruity gum was pretty much the thing. especially the Tropical Twist flavor. i was never real big on the fruity flavors (the fruit/mint thing freaks my mouth out and i can't get past that. fruity sweetness just wasn't meant to be minty fresh. cool cucumber? no thanks. if we're going to go sweet just give me straight up candy.) 
but all my pals (well, some of my pals) thought this gum was the bomb.
here was the real twist to this particular trident gum: the after-breath is murder. (if you do not believe me i dare you to try it out. after lunch give some one a slice and once they have chewed it and finished ask them a question and breath in deeply. you'll see.)

well. that's it. that's what our apartment smells like. that and a little musk and you have it! 
i put in some wallflowers. not happenin. i keep the windows open until my teeth are chattering at night. (too cold = not happenin either.) i keep the garbage out and lysol it. (to make it un-stinky.) and i have checked all cleaning supplies to be sure i have not stepped into an unknown trap like becca who ran into that snag twice. (i'm pretty sure that's not the case. unless my lysol is leaving a fruity-stinky-you-know-what-after-smell. in that case. gross.)

i am a little bit obsessed about apartment smells. (as in i don't want it to smell. unless it smells good. in that case - ok.) this is killing me.
someone put me out of my misery. what, oh what, do i spray/plug/set off to get this place neutralized? (and i'm not real sure i should be "setting off" anything. but hey, i might give it a whirl.)

p.s. not real sure if i should include this little tid-bit. but.... well. anyway - we might have watched Slumdog Millionaire. and we maybe really really liked it.

p.p.s. another aftereffect of the move is that i have totally misplaced every single nail file (well. i i guess i only had two.) and every freakin single nail clippers (jason had about ninety-nine of those.) what the?


Becca's Blog said...

Wow, you've got a lot of troubles. I don't know what to tell you to do.

I have to admit that I too watched Slumdog. I'm not an unedited rated R movie watcher (EVER) but I did my research before watching it at to be honest I thought it was cleaner than the last 10 PG-13 movies I've seen. I honestly don't even know why it is R. And I thought it was pretty good too. Now I want to go to India more than ever.

Kim-may said...

i loved slum dog millionaire too! oops.

jasmine said...

oh MAN! that would drive me nuts too! i have nooooo idea how you would get that out. i would just keep trying to air it out if i were you...even though it's cold. :/

we liked slumdog too. :)

Becky said...

Maybe you should try to Febreze the S-H out of the place... namely the carpet. It could help! Good Luck!!

I think the Easter Bunny brought Toby that movie and had no idea it was rated R... I mean it came highly recommended by my own father!

Bobbi said...

Just get yourself a Scentsy and plug that baby in. They are pretty powerful. I know a few sale reps if you are interested.
And to the rest of the rated R sinners out there....Shame on you!

(Toby, may I borrow your dvd when you are done. I am dying to see it!!)

Lucy said...

You could buy a whole box of those scent packets that everybody that comes to Mini wonders what that good smell is?? If one is good, a whole box would have to be great....right??
I'll have to check to see if there is a fruity one for you, though!

Battfam said...

The STINK is the pits. I don't have any suggestions that you haven't already tried other than maybe just start cooking some great smelling stuff. Use a little garlic or bake some bread.

the h fam. said...

ben loves fruity gum.
he rarely buys mint.

Cassie said...

Becky had a good idea to aim for the carpet. Maybe you can get some of that odor neutralizer (it's for pets or something) that you put on the floor and then vacuum up.
I'm a big 'walk in and smell' person too. I'm so so sorry.

Audrey said...

oh yikes! glad i didn't stop by to see you guys last week after all. let me know when the stank wears down and i will come over then! ha sorry but not kidding!