how we do

and this is what happens when there has been too much studying up in here.
it went straight to our face. upper lip actually.
(please note the blood-shot eyes.)

FINALS are FINISHED! (woot woot)
i'll upload some of my projects and stuff in a minute (or maybe a day).
and we get a whole week off before we start all over again.

p.s. i know that blue highlighter sounds like a great idea. 
i know that you might be thinking that it'll be a-ok because it'll wash off in a synch.
might not be just that easy. might not be the best idea.
if you were wondering.


Bobbi said...

Congrats on Finals being over. I hope you guys scored 100% on all of them! A+ for studying so hard!

Lucy said...

Good job....you lived!

Becky said...

I'm loving Jason's "Soul" patch!! Glad you survived!!

Bobbi said...

Now that you have some free time, would you mind putting together a nice Easter Sharing Time for the Primary? I am struggling over here. :)

the h fam. said...

WE SURVIVED!!! loving the mustaches!

Battfam said...

The Frito Bandito mustache/soul patch combo was very creative. You both deserve an A. Enjoy the one week off.

Cassie said...

Did my boys see this post?
They had that same idea this week. Acually, Todd had the idea to do it to his little brothers. You bet they let him.
I'm pretty sure they didn't go over the edge because of finals. Maybe I made them clean too much during their spring break.

Happy Easter & Spring Break