excuse me. we have a bit of an H2O crisis.

our faucet won't turn off in the kitchen.
water is running (full power).
is something bad happening?

* ok. update.
maintenance guy is coming right over.
(translation - could be hours. maybe a day.)
we turned the little knobs under the sink to off.
we can't do the dishes in the kitchen = we have
to go to the bathtub to do such things??
(not certain how i feel about this.)

moral to the story: when turning on the sink to the very hottest side try not to turn the lever too far to the left. (or right.) because it may get stuck there. (much like the naughty faces we all made when we were little. sometimes things stick.)

**ok. another update.
maintenance guy came.
not sure what he did.
(i was at class. don't worry, we managed to
turn the little knob under the sink before we left.)
but situation resolved.
just a lot of over-due dishes.
(at least i won't be doing them in the bathtub.)


the hawker's said...

oh my gosh! i hope he hurries before your house floods.

jasmine said...

hahaha! i can't believe this happened! i hope the maintenance man gets there soon!

Carol said...

Is it running out all of your hot water?!?!? My oh my . . cold showers for you!!!

Audrey said...

That sucks! Maybe just turn the handle down... see what happens. (hehe jk)

Lucy said...

Glad I'm not the maintenance guy.