the day i've been waiting for all my life

i said i would be there, opening day, in line.
and you better believe we were!
(i wish i wish i wish i had a better looking photo of me.
but i said i'd get a pic of me in line. by golly. here ya go.)

in fact we called some of our peeps and turned it into a down-right party.

1. audrey & a photogenic waitress  2. pork salad (w/house dressing please!)
3. a bit of the atmosphere  4. tyrel and jason
5. brianne and mia  6. rook, carter, bobbi, and audrey

guess what i just warmed up for my lunch today?
yep. you got it.

thanks a mil miss megan for bragging about your dinner at cafe rio.
w/out the heads up we would have had the meatloaf i was making.
(and that would have been tragic. not that meatloaf is bad. it's good. but it's just not that good. it's not cafe rio good.)


Kellie said...

I have never been but I'm going to ours next weekend!!!

Becky said...

I just finished up my own little super-duper salad!! I swear they must put happy pills in it~ because when I eat it I just get so dang happy!!

Bobbi said...

I just got home from work and warmed up my left overs!! I loved every bite of it :).
Thanks for getting me there the day before grand opening.

the hawker's said...

dear geri.
hooray for the dance class! i have been out of town and without internet and phone access! aahhh!! so this is the first time i've heard about your class!

you will love it! i may be a little envious of you right now. i miss dance. have fun. do an extra leap for me, will you?

also, cafe rio rocks! love pork salad! can't wait to visit in i.f.!!!

the h fam. said...

so i went there yesterday and the line was crazy long and i was too hungry to wait, so we went to bajio's! not as good, but it filled my craving for now!!

Haley and Jon said...

That sounds good. I am a little jealous.

Rowbury Adventures said...

Me and my mom went there on opening day!! haha im' glad someone else has heard of it, i always ask people and no one knows what it is! But they'll find out soon enough! hah

Dawn said...

I'm happy that they finally opened a cafe rio just for you. This way you won't always have to go to Utah :) Anyway, I am home now so lets get together.

Kim said...

I was stalking on your blog and saw this CR post. I will always think of Audrey when I hit CR. That's a lovely pic of her and the waitress.