sick breeds procrastination = insanity {it's all ok}

procrastination threatens to take over my life at times. (right now.)
there is just something really hard about making yourself do things you really really really really really don't want to do right then because you would rather be doing other things - like blog or lay down.

being sick sucks.

but things are looking up.
life is always good. mostly.
our apartment smells like lysol.

my cold is about a day from being over. (nice.)

i have a mounting list of things to do for school. (rats.)
but i am excited about a project i am doing for my color+design class. i'll have to show when it's completed and final crazy-ness is over.

in dire need of some photo-therapy. which is handy since i'm also in dire need to fulfill a few assignments for class. (score.)

pretty excited to see "son of rambow" tomorrow night. (international cinema. it's a british film. it's a must-see for a class. maybe jas will want to go with me? please?)

jas and i are busting up outa here this weekend for a baptism in logan. (so looking forward to a getaway.  such a sweet little B&B we will be staying at-jason's got good connections! one night deal-but it still works. so nervous about it being right before finals. gaaaah! remember finals last time? surely to happen once again-any movie recommendations for me?)

some guy's flea market is this sat. again. (last one.) you better believe i'm stopping by before we hop town! (such a sucker for a flea market.)


Unknown said...
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jason said...

and you gave that cold right over to me and i'm sad.

you better believe that we did all those things on that list!
and first thing Geri did when we got to that bed and breakfast was drop her bags and take lots of pictures.

there. now ya got a comment. i love you.

jason said...

look who commented again!