not really workin it for me.

yesterday i had Slim-Fast for lunch.

strawberry this time.
{not my fave.}

vanilla once was my only flavor of choice.
not any more.

now vanilla sort of makes my stomach lurch, grumble, and gag.
but that's just me.

now it's all about chocolate.

i carry it around in the side of my backpack since my lunch box is already full + i never never have time {or think about it when there still is time} to make a sandwich before i fly out the door. and every $5 sandwich ya buy at the cafe on campus adds up quick!

therefore i pack Slim Fast in my backpack for lunch. and by dinner i'm thinking anything looks tasty.

on the bottle it clearly states that the creamy little drink will quench hunger for 4 hours.
it's a lie.

after about 1 hour and a half i am famished!
and grabbing for all sweet things in sight.
all i can say is that it's a real good thing i'm not having Slim-Fast for lunch in search of weight loss. we all know that wouldn't get very far!

today i believe it'll be chocolate.
and maybe a veggie bowl.
and a side of cadbury eggs.
and why not some of those bunnies that taste just like circus peanuts.

sounds delightful.


Carol said...

chocolate is my fav too. It makes a great lunch - along with everything else I'm eating. Its kinda like a nice little milkshake - goes great with a burger and fries if you please!!

the h fam. said...

MMMmmmm! i think i'm going to buy some chocolate slim fast today! it's been awhile, and it sounds SO good! i choose slim fast over chocolate milk any day!

Attitude of Gratitude said...

ah yes, the palette of a college student--I remember the days well. a personal favorite was the oat-n-honey bars nature valley makes. I ate so many of those da$# things my last two semesters while I was pregnant the site of one makes me sick still. hopefully, you never have to feel this way about your cadbury eggs--they're delicious.

Lucy said...

I keep buying mini carrots, in case I want a healthy snack. Right now I have 3 bags in the fridge.....all unopened. oops.