it got me.

this terrrrrrrrible thing that's been rolling around these parts has knocked me out!

and just so you know. my nose + upper lip are as bright red as my fingernails. (yeeeowza)

anybody got some silver or zicam or cold remedies that have been handed down for generations?

(i have been lysoling down the entire apartment several times a day. hope my buddy doesn't get what got me.)


Mardi said...

I unfortunately got the nasty bug when I was in Idaho and gave it to my baby and my hubby. My hubby then gave it to a few of his co-workers...I sent a box of tissues with him to work as an appology for infecting everyone. It's a bad one! My brother swears by Zicam in any form - but since I am prego - I wasn't able to try it. Good luck with it and tell Jason to start popping the vitamins.

Becca's Blog said...

That bites Geri. Get well soon. Before you use Zycam you might want to research it a bit. I think there is a lawsuit happening with zycam because a bunch of people PERMANENTLY lost their sense of taste after using it. I wouldn't mind temporarily (like for 6 months or so) losing my sense of taste until I got skinny...then I'd want it back.

Anyway, I think it was the type that you spray that was bad and not the type you swab, so maybe look into it a bit. Russell swears by the stuff.

Bobbi said...

I always rub vicks vapor rub on my boy's feet at night and cover them with warm socks. It seems to help?? Sorry you're sick. That's no fun having a dry, cracked, funny looking red, sore nose!

Lucy said...

We swear by good old Dristain. Can't always find it, though. Do the Vicks on the bottoms of your feet though, for sure!!

the h fam. said...

hey go to walgreens and get mucinex from behind the counter. it dries your nose right up, so your ears and throat don't hurt in the morning and then your lip and nose won't be so red!! try it out, you may LOVE it (and you can take it while you're pregnant not that you are, but i figured it would be a helpful tip for future reference!). hope you get feeling better and make it through the stress of these next few weeks!