if you're ever in logan

and searching for a place to stay i think i might have a suggestion for you.

we had a great time in Logan.
it was nice to get out of town for a day.
(the drive home on the other hand was not so nice.
March is mean. it's not my favorite month. 
sorry mom-i know march has always been a good month for you, with your birthday and all. 
it's just the way i feel.)

(only the sweetest b+b i ever did see.
complete with the most delightful apple pancakes i have ever tasted. ever.)

they have lots of fun rooms 
(we got to view them all. well. all but the Guest Room because there was a strange man in there.
not a strange man, but a stranger. you know.)

p.s. jason now has what i had. wooops.  all i can say is that must be SOME BUG! we didn't even kiss or nothin! but then again jason does have the impeccable super-power-like ability to get anything anyone else might have. if i was wishing for super powers i would pick flying or something.


Bobbi said...

Sorry about Jason getting your bad cold!! I hope he bounces back soon. The place you stayed at looks like a magazine. very sweet.

jasmine said...

oooo that place looks amazing! so pretty! and apple pancakes don't sound half bad either.

Lucy said...

I sure hope Jason gets rid of his cold quick. It seems like finals bring on that kind of stuff, too.
Glad you found that fun spot in Logan. Did you also find Cafe Rio?? I've been thinking about that place lately.

annie said...

Jason also has the super power to make people about wet themselves when they hear him laugh. As in they laugh so hard they about lose it. He is such a chipper little bird. Love that man (and his cutesy little wife too!!). Hope he kicks that bug soon! Fab room, I'll imagine I'm in it tonight as I lay me down to sleep.

Cassie said...

What a fun place to stay. I was thinking that Jas was just about out of the woods on the yucky cold/flu season.....darn! Hope you fell better fast.