i love lucy*

my mom and i got to be best friends during those years of me being home by myself with the two parentals.

for years we watched Gilmore Girls faithfully and giggled at all the same lines we heard over and over.

she taught me the essential things a girl must know in life to succeed (in no particular order):
*don't be touchin you pimples (you just make 'em worse doing that)
*you can go 3 over the speed limit w/o cops gettin picky
*don't go shopping when you're hungry (you buy really dumb things like hostess and little debbies)
*never paint your fingernails in the car (or bedroom floor - when it spills red will go everywhere and stain everything. we went through that little mistake a few too many times)
*more frosting is always always always better than less (wait. that was my dad)
*keep zip-locks in your car - they will come in handy (wait. that was Gilmore Girls. but it's true)
*stir your flour and your water until there are no more clumps BEFORE you put it into the gravy mix (if there are clumps they will be there to stay=pretty gross gravy)
*sharing is fun (mostly. i'm really good at sharing)
*have a good attitude (whistle while you work)
*always make a main dish and then a semi-main dish and backup deserts and rolls and a jello and cinnamon rolls  (there is no such thing as too much food at a party. too little=bad. and you can take left over cinnamon rolls to the neighbors)
this one is PG13
(i warned you)
*condoms are those places that people go for vacation (remember that day i asked you what they were? and that's what you said they were. i called you out on it. i knew better. those were condos. silly)
*birthdays are important (because people are important)

i love you. i'm so grateful for all the things i've learned from you. (and dad) (and Gilmore Girls)
there are so many other things you have taught me.
you are still my best friend.
you always will be.

happy birthday from jason + me! 
we love love love you! (and your fantastic cookin)


Carol said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful mom and she has a wonderful daughter. BTW I hope that you are feeling better. Not good to be sick the last couple of weeks of school. :)

Becca's Blog said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Lu!

And way to be creative on that condom explanation...I never would have thought of that.

Lucy said...

Thanks Geri! March 25 was a good day....again.

Bobbi said...

She should be so proud of all the things she taught you!! :)
I too think she's pretty great and so much fun to be around.

Cassie said...

Ya for our mama!