found + hearted

{image via little doodles}

hello everyone.

i'm nice again.

i found this sweet little site.

and now am onto my next project (as if i don't already have about 4 others in the making....sheesh! ah well.)

but i think i'm going to make this into a book.  i think i'll start compiling things together in my free time and in a year or so, when i take book arts, i will design it-print it-bind it-and have myself a master piece!
and i can take as long as i want because there won't be any babies coming any time soon.

i just wanted to share the love because it's just so dang sweet!

p.s. three days ago i was scurrying around campus, finding a parking spot (something i could say many things about. but i'll save that for another ranting day. not today, i'm happy today-it's sunny and happy outside and i'm having gingersnaps in milk. i don't want to rant today.) and i came upon a brown UPS truck. (i call all UPS drivers "Ken" only because the UPS driver of my little hometown was named Ken and he was a really tall, really nice guy, who's legs looked a bit gangly when sporting shorts in the summer time. and he really liked homemade bread. don't know why i know that-but it's in there. hmm.) 

anyway, i came upon this brown UPS truck and i was about to go around when i saw "Ken" literally fall out of the truck. packages in arms and all.

i gasped. my mouth was wide open.
never seen anything like that before!

i just wished i wasn't in such a rush so i could have tried to help him. but then i realized that trying to help just might harm his ego.

the end.


Mardi said...

I remember Ken too. He was nice and was very tall. I also remember the Schwan's man - but I didn't ever know his name. He stopped coming to our house because mom never bought enough ice cream. I was bummed back in the day, but I am over it now.

Lucy said...

Bobbi called Ken the JC Penney man. I used to order quite a bit from that catalog, I guess. Glad you're having a better day today!

the h fam. said...

yes glad you're having a good day. the weather is lovely and it makes it hard not to have a good day. and i love your book idea. i think it's fabulous!

the hawker's said...

i am doing a similar thing for my future enrollment in book arts. let's take it together, shall we? i always love taking class with you.

p.s. you are my fave. ;)
p.p.s. check your byui email. you can thank me later.

Bobbi said...

Oh man, the poor J.C. Penny guy! Did he truly fall out of the truck? On the ground? Hey--I see John Young delivering mail here in town! :)