we always love photos that are completely in focus.

well. lately i've been loving photos that are completely out of focus.

there is something emotional about them.
if they are taken right.

it can't be barely blurry.
it can't be making your eyes flip out and your head a titch dizzy.
no. none of that.
it's got to be all or nothing.
(+ a tid bit hazy couldn't hurt either.)

here is a shot i took from this photo shoot with some of our great friends.

what are your thoughts on blurriness?


Annie Tuckett said...

it's like looking at something heavenly, I bet that when we get there that when we check up on the people that we love, that's kinda how it looks...with a little bit of sun behind.

wow I'm deep tonight ;)

Lucy said...

that blurry picture is very pretty. Good job.

Battfam said...

I think blurry pictures are great for hiding wrinkles and various other things we need hidden.