because i like 'em

i am obsessed with certain headbands lately.
i say "certain" because i do not mean all.

the last time i decided i was completely in love with a certain headband was the day i went to "some guy's flea market" and found my new fave headband-maker
(she makes a LOT more than just headbands.)

well. "some guy's flea market" came 'round again and i guess i couldn't resist!
(i even scooped up one for my sissie who put it on the moment it was handed ova - even if she may have been in a hospital bed hours after having her beautiful babe.)

we like 'em.

(i might be a huge fan of putting feathers in my hair these days)

p.s. jason really likes them too. when i put this baby on to show him he surprised me and LOVED it. 
there was a girl from our ward at the booth with me. her husband told her to pull the flower down a bit and she could pretend she was a pirate.
that's not very nice.


lauren said...

CUTE!! I've been wanting to go to that flea market but, I'm a slacker! Now I'll definitely have to go if they have cute things like that!

Kim-may said...

those headbands are very cute. very jealous. that one you had in at mini bazaar on sat was esp cute. good job

Cassie said...

Any headband on you, Ger, would be darling.

Bobbi said...

Love the headband in your photo!! So, if I have a sweet little girl can I have one too? jk
Or maybe I will just give some money to you to buy me one. That might be a little easier! :)

the h fam. said...

i love them too! emily took me to the flea market on saturday and i bought two. i'm going back next weekend to buy another and get one for my sister. too bad the girl is moving away in a few weeks!

Lucy said...

I am surprised that you're taken with feathers....We need to check you for Indian blood.
(cute headband)

Lindsey said...

I want one!

Lindsey aka Green Apple

jasmine said...

so cute! i'm wondering if i could pull this off with my short hair...they seem to be sort of a long haired thing. hmmm.