and let's go for another week

we are officially tired of school.

just incase you cared.

over the weekend we had lots and lots of homework to do.
but we decided to play instead:
play with Daws + Coley
make cookies (gingersnaps)
visit our friend next door
have a dance party or two in the living room (wait. that was just me.)

sometimes it's just good to have a little fun.

oh boy. this'll be one heck of a week!
but it'll be ok because i pretty much love it when days are lighter longer.

p.s. i'm a sucker for a flea market!
that's where i got this rad headband.
p.p.s. i don't love monday's.
i especially don't love monday's after we loose an hour of sleep.


Carol said...

I'm with ya on losing the hour thing. Today was a killer for me too. Cute headband by the way. And I love your hair too.

Lucy said...

fun headband. time change is getting harder for me every year. I kind of hate it.

Becca's Blog said...

Geri...I want a headband, and where is that flea market???

Unknown said...

it's called Some Guy's Flea Market
they have it in the Hinckley - the next one is in 2 weeks.
check it out. i'll go with.

Adam,Emily, Paisley, Hayden, and Landon said...

oh ger I totally got a sweet headband there too! so cute! love it!
p.s. saw your sister there, I absolutely LOVE her by the way :D good luck with your busy week....

Bobbi said...

Such a cute headband! That will be way fun for my b-day! :) hehe