whole snow cone

"i was on steroids. i tried writing on steroids. here, let me try a joke i wrote on you. why did the chicken cross the road? .... i don't know, but if you don't laugh i'm going to crush your head like a walnut!"

Brian Regan has always been a little bit a part of our relationship.
you see, when jas and i were first dating i was at my height of Brian Regan obsession.
i quoted him always (much like the Nacho + Napoleon fanatics today-i love ya Al.... and Jonny) opportunities would present themselves and i would rattle off something that he had said and giggle at my funniness.
jason didn't get it.
he had never seen Brian Regan.
so when i went to visit him in the hospital and the nurse asked him how he would rate how he was feeling on a scale from 1 to 10 my shouting "SAY 8!!!!!" didn't mean a thing.
in fact, it confused him. and i think he thought i had a very odd sense of humor.
when in reality i was being really really really funny!

then jason got to watch Brian himself.
on dvd.
and i think he might have peed his pants a little.
(yes. he was laughing that hard. but don't tell him i said so.)

so for Christmas i got Jason and i tickets to see Brian live in Blackfoot.
that was last night.
and it was freaking fantastic!!!!

so, in honor of last night, and on the off chance that someone hasn't heard him (or just wouldn't mind having a bit of a laugh to start out the day) i have included a little vid.



lauren said...

I LOVE HIM!!! Whenever we go on road trips Jake and I listen to him on our ipod and even though I've heard all his jokes and saw him in Idaho Falls a couple years ago, I still crack up EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! Kate went to it last night too and said it was hilarious! I'm jealous....

Lucy said...


Carol said...

He is so funny. Have you seen the poptart one? That is a good one too. I wish I wouldn't known that he was in Blackfoot. Wow - where have I been? Glad you got to go have some fun.