I decided to pack up and get out of town.

even just for one night.

1. audrey's essentials. 2. nice eyebrows.
3. a little baby bump. she kicks a lot. 4. heart.

1. laughing at audrey. she's pretty funny. 2. big red truck. mom loved it.
3. audrey driving down university ave. sort of scary.

p.s. anyone missing a pillow? hope you've got an extra.
total trip found here.


Battfam said...

I couldn't figure out what your mom would love about that red truck. I had to enlarge the picture to see all the grain dust on it and see that it was from a mill. It must have brought back memories of Furness Bros. Feed Co.

Lucy said...

I could have sworn that truck was at the pellet mill last time we lived there! What a blast from the past indeed.......

Bobbi said...

Thanks for coming on our fun trip. It was fun sitting right next to you in the backseat :)