uno-bingo-hangman: the works.

we had been hankerin for a good game of bingo. (last Saturday)


we walked down the sidewalk to the retirement home next door.

and we found some new peeps.


keeps her purse on her arm because she is certain that her niece will be there to get her.
she hopes to make a break for it.
wants to live in her house again.
wants to have her dog Katie by her side like before.

sweeter than candy.
loves games. (Uno.)
and pink polished nails.

more spunk than anyone you'll ever meet in your life.
little patience for lulls during Hang Man.
believes no one should marry until they are older (claims she was married when she was 90. we have a hard time believing that to be true)

cares little for the rules of games.
throws any card out during his turn.
has quite the grip on him.
sings a beautiful rendition of "You are my Sunshine."

{Lorna + Carolyn}
mother and daughter.
so loving. so kind. so beautiful.
share their soul and testimony through their lovely spirit.
share a love for music and remembering past times.

says all things on her mind.
and everything on her mind happens to be so sweet.
(she told Jason we are a beautiful couple = we love her. lots.)
she's right up my ally.


Lucy said...

Geri, you finally found someone to play games with you. YEA!

Unknown said...

o I love it!

Cassie said...

I'm about sick of playing Uno with Judd...and loosing. Thanks for reminding me that I could team him up with someone at the old folks home! I wonder if they'd let me run errands while they played a few games. hummmm Something to ponder.

dani said...

hey thanks! your blog is way cute!