quite the fabulous finds....

a trendy, little local shop {Agenda} is closing its doors.
there is something a little sad about its closing...
i have been eyeing a display bowl for a very long time.
so when i heard about the closing-sale i hustled right over.

$5 for the bowl
$5 for the set of place-mats.

and 75% of everything else!

i am certainly my mother's daughter: just can't pass up good deals.


Lucy said...

shopping.........just like a boost of oxygen! (especially bargain shopping)

Unknown said...

ah! love it!!! there was a little shop here called McMaster & Storm that just closed its doors. BUT they are still selling online. needless to say everything was 50-75% off so I got this metal, glittered 'M' for dirt cheap. ;) you can see the store at www.mcmasterandstorm.blogspot.com

Bobbi said...

Very cool you got such a great deal on those very cute items. Very sad that another store is going out of business. cute nails and bangs :)