note to self + anyone else

a scented garbage bag is better than no garbage bag at all.

that's right. we have come to the happy day when our oder-shield-fresh-clean-scent value pack has now bit the dust.
{there may have been a bit of celebration on my part.}

but we've run into a bit of a snag.

no more garbage bags.
can't seem to remember to get any more.
running out of Walmart plastic bags.

moral: be thankful for the garbage bags you have. someday they mihgt run out.


Lucy said...

Garbage bags are a must. We didn't even have them when I was younger.....can you belive that?

Cassie said...

I thought about you the other night. I was watching TV and they advertised a scentless, odorless bag. This could be your answer.

Unknown said...

what the????
you're older than GARBAGE BAGS???

Bobbi said...

What a good moral Geri, you should use that in your next Sacrament meeting talk. :)
I am still a little bit mad at you for posting that awful picture of my eyebrows. :(

Lucy said...

Yes, now you have it. I'm older than garbage bags as well as ranch dressing!