i feel bad for pretty flowers on clearance

so i just buy them and put them by my pretty windows.

these little beauties were half off.

and they won't die!

i've had them for 3 weeks now.
they looks as perky as ever.

{well, all the leaves are shriveled and brittle. and jason's a little creeped out about them living forever. he thinks they are some sort of creepy-teenage-mutant flowers. i say they're too pretty to be scary.}

so if you want flowers that never die.

here you go.


Unknown said...

True Story:

My Gpa bought us a poinsetta a few weeks before C-mas...and the plant somehow survived w/o us when we were i Orlando for C-mas {did you know they're native to FL?}...fast forward to an auction in April...my mom sees an old 'kettle' she likes...but it's mixed together in a box full of different kinds/sizes of bed pans. {follow me-->} She bids on the whole box JUST for the antique kettle. We get home to find out she had bid high on a CHAMBER POT. :D Would have loved for her to unknowingly serve soup to guests with her antique find!!! ;)
Then we come to June...the poinsetta is STILL ALIVE and thriving...and my grad party is only weeks away. SO my mom thinks it's a great idea to plant the poinsetta IN the chamber pot and there it sat at my 250+ person grad party...right by the water cooler. I love my mom...but she's a nut sometimes. :)

Cassie said...

I think they are just darling. Scary, no.
(I did have a fern once that kept growing and growing and it did get a little frightening. I finally got so scared of it I moved it outside...and it kept growing.)

Lucy said...

I like your flowers, too.
I had some roses that lasted a really long time, once. They were from Annette. Then, the next birthday, your Dad bought me some, and their heads were drooping after just one day. I felt so bad. They must have caught some freezing air or something between the delivery van and the house. This doesn't have one thing to do with your cute flowers, so...bye.