scented waste.

there is only one thing i hate worse than a stinky, full garbage.

a stinky, full garbage in a scented garbage bag.
{i even hate scented garbage bags on their own}
it gives the rotted waste some sort of sweet/fake fresh flavor. take a whiff and die.

it's a cryin shame we bought an extra value box.

anyone in the need of a few garbage bags? we have plenty to spare.

{p.s. this is what i do when i should be finishing up my design project and reading the material for art history & photo 160. i post about stinky garbage bags. shhhh. don't tell my husband, he'll say i'm crazy.}


Unknown said...

Lol! I've never smelled the scented garbage bags, but that is how I feel about most air fresheners! I'd take the stink any day!

Unknown said...

Geri..you crack me up. I actually liked the scented bags and I should be working at school and grading...instead...I'm reading about stinky garbage bags. Don't tell my boss! :-)


the h fam. said...

haha. note to self: never buy geri scented garbage bags as a gift and never mention to jason that geri dislikes the garbage bags so much she even blogged about them!

Cassie said...

As I sit here, instead of getting something productive done, I wonder who was so lazy that they thought that inventing scented garbage bags was a good idea instead of just getting up and taking out their nasty, stinky garbage. hummmmm

Lucy said...

Some air fresheners don't work well in the bathroom, either. Some smells just don't mix well, if you know what I mean.

Haley and Jon said...

I completely agree. I hate sented garbage bags!

Carol said...

"scented" "garbage" isn't that an oxymoron? I agree - I hate the smell . . . of garbage . . . and the scented bags. Pee Uwww!!!!

Audrey said...

YIKES! I have never had them or smelt them BUT I bet I would hate them too. I can't handle the smell of garlic every since I had a roomate that bathed in it and ate an obscene amount of garlic... Garlic+Vanilla=GAG!