no offense to Thailand......

so. we decided we don't love Thai food.
tried it twice.
didn't love it either time.
{one of those times was tonight.}

we had some bites. mine wasn't bad. 
my stomach was putting up a bit of a fight.
then Jason had me give his a try.
he pushed it over to my side of the table.
i got a bit of noodles & a bit of chicken.
i lifted the bite to my mouth and got a big ol' whiff of fishy-shrimp!
this sent my stomach in a WHIRL.
then Jason decided that's all he could smell too.

it wasn't workin for us.

we asked for the check.
some boxes. {so we could act like we liked it}

we left, both feeling pretty queezy and a little weak.

then. somehow we ended up here.

{we love you Jamba}


Audrey said...

dude, those dishes did sorta make me gag a bit... esp. that little scary fishy thing hanging out on the side of the plate...uhhh uh uh (that was me shivering)
Before you give up completely, maybe you should try a Tai resteraunt in a different city and state, cuz I am picky and I remember kinda liking it in Wisconsin or somewhere else.
You really shoulda come to Applebee's with us... it was delish and the icecream after was a delight too!

Battfam said...

I know Lucy and Paul like Thai food. Maybe, like Audrey said, you just haven't found the right restaurant yet. That Jamba looks delicious though and I can tell you are enjoying your camera. Good work.

the h fam. said...

the look of those meals made my stomach turn! jamba solves all problems though!

Haley and Jon said...

You just need to know what to order. Some Thai is a little scarry, but some stuff is really good. Pad Thai is always a safe bet, if you ever try it again.

Unknown said...

that's exactly what Jason got. (the one with the scary piece of shrimp on the side)
maybe we just need to try a different place......

Lucy said...

just don't try it again. that's really safe. (yukky)

Lindsey said...

I always ask for boxes too for food I don't like. Funny.