this is not pretty

i promised myself that i would never never never never never never never put terrible. scary. embarrassing. pictures of myself on the blog.

this is what i look like when i shower just before i hit the pillow.
{wet hair NEVER dries well on cotton pillow cases.}

i had just gotten up and started my morning routine this morning.
hadn't glanced in a mirror.
then Jason came home from his early lab and caught a glimpse of his darling wife.
he giggled and giggled.
and grabbed my nifty camera 
and started snapping ugly pictures.

as i was cleaning up our breakfast dishes {oatmeal. we make it good with sugar-free coffee creamer + brown sugar + raisons} there came a knock at the door.

i wondered if it was my mom again {who stopped by to pick up her iPod--i hooked her up with some great tunes--she wasn't surprised by the hair and oversized sweater. i knew she wouldn't be} but i wasn't positive so i grabbed my little beanie and trotted to the door.


two ladies from the ward holding an ensign.
visiting teachers.

visiting teachers  i looked like THIS:

why does weird crap seem to happen every time a visiting teacher decides to drop on by??

the apartment looked like a war zone.
there were dishes in the sink.
my hair...... WOW.
i was wearing jason's hugantic sweater.
my fave USU sweats {go aggies}
and of course
my sweater boots.

good thing i grabbed for the freakin beanie.


Battfam said...

The beanie totally saved you, Geri. Totally.
P. S. I'm sure your VT's love you anyway.

Lucy said...

I heard something comforting. This morning, on the radio, Liza says that there is very little difference in getting ready and not getting ready for her. I thought, hey, anything goes!
(she also dances around the studio on the fast songs, Mike, her partner,says)

Audrey said...

wow ger! you look pretty! actually i wouldn't mind if my hair looked like that in the morning, tame her down a bit and viola...perfect!
also i was going to tell you, that when we lived in wisconsin i totally forgot about my v.t.ers and they rang the bell and my heart dropped cuz i had NO pants on! i had to open the door a peep and lie to them. i told them daws (was a baby at the time) threw up on my pj bottoms (it was 9am) and that i needed to go up and get some new ones on. oops. i try to jot them on the calander now!

jason said...

imagine all that and then me coming out of the bathroom and finding the visiting teachers over... uh, awkward! I just sat down at the kitchen table and continued with my homework. they made it quick. I think they weren't used to a weird guy in the corner eavesdropping. haha

Unknown said...

w/o pants on???
that gives new meaning to "CALL FIRST".

oh yeah. forgot to add that Jason was in the bathroom yelling, "hey Ger, who is it?"

Kim-may said...


Cassie said...

No need to lie about anything. What you see is what you get.

the h fam. said...

i am really happy you posted those pictures!