to do:

1. watch Funny Face

2. deep clean apartment

3. read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

4. watch Pillow Talk

5. find out why i'm in the mood for old classics

6. crunches + sit-ups {i'd like some flat abs please}

7. write in journal

8. write some thank you cards

9. write a letter

10. oh yeah. home work.
never mind.
p.s. i've included a photo of me to ensure you all that i am in fact normal and sane looking. most of the time. and i did actually get ready today. after the VTs left.


Lucy said...

those lists are a killer. I try not to make them.

Bobbi said...

I love lists. I make them several times a day. Glad to see you got ready for the day. Your previous post had me worried. :)

Audrey said...

there is the geri we know and love.

jason said...

Lookin HOTT!!! Girlfriend. Too bad I only see you right when you wake up and then go to bed these days. Maybe I'll just show up to one of your classes this week just to make sure you're still alive.

Lataun said...

Geri, I just read "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn". I loved it. Are you reading for a class or just for fun..to get that classic under your 'reading belt'? I love to see what people are reading.