jr. whopper. no tomato.

in our little town Applebees sits across the street from a Chevron/Burger King.....
with an anniversary 2 days after Christmas the only party we were feeling was no party.
we started the day off lazy and it turned out to be relaxing and productive.
Jason made me breakfast. cheesy eggs, toast, yogurt, & chocolate milk. (i am absolutely a breakfast girl)

after a nice day together we decided that we wanted to get some good food before we headed to Jason's parent's house for Gannon's baby blessing. but we realized that we had little time left for restaurant dining.
so naturally, we ordered take out.
me: Fiesta Chicken (as always)
him: Ribs
we didn't want to get any on ourselves so we didn't want to eat in our car. we didn't have enough time to drive home to eat it. we didn't really want to take it up to their house because that might have been pretty awkward.
we looked across the street and there it was.
Chevron and Burger King.
the solution seemed obvious to me. i only had to do a tiny bit of talking to get Jason to go along.

before we knew it we were enjoying a delicious meal in a virtually empty fast food place/gas station.
and we couldn't have been happier.
at one point during our romantic dinner we overheard someone order at the Burger King counter. "jr. whopper. no tomato."
we looked at each other and giggled.
not every one gets to go to Burger King and eat chicken and ribs.
quite romantic.


Lucy said...

Hey, happy anniversary you two!
(I must say that was an odd celebration, but it worked)

Haley and Jon said...

Sorry we messed up your Anniversary. Thanks for coming to the blessing. It was fun to see you guys.

Becky said...

You guys have alot more guts than we do.... memories!!

Cassie said...

A whole year! Good job guys. I'm glad you got to celebrate.