i met an angel last thursday. i think.

{photograph by Kari from Harpy}

last week i met Sophal.
{So-Paul} a lot of people say it wrong.
he is special.

{his face is a little contorted. 
his walk is a little limpy. 
his speech is a little slow.}

but he glows from the inside out.

i went to the library for some lunch.
it was a Thursday, so i had a little time.
i purchased a sandwich 
{because i never remember to make/take anything}
and went to a stool to eat.

Sophal was at the stool next to mine.

we introduced ourselves.
once we came to an understanding that my name is Geri
{not Gary-that's a common one, or Carrie-another often mistaken}
he asked me how i spelled my name.
G. E. R. I.
he asked what it meant.

i didn't know.

he sat there for a moment, in thought.
"how about, Great Exceptional Religious Inspiring!
i think that's what it could mean."

"i'll take it. i like all those words."

"yes. that's what it could mean.
that's what shines out of you."

we continued our conversation.
he spends long hours in the library doing his homework.
so he carries a plastic sack full of food
because "it feels better to eat when you study.
but sometimes all the food is a big load."
i agreed.

when he left he said goodbye.
i told him to have a fun time doing his homework.
he said ok and "i hope you have an excellent day".
i said "you too." 
and i'm not sure i have ever meant those two words so much.

after he walked away i couldn't quit smiling.
the feeling was hard to describe.

i felt refreshed. 
felt i could finish my long day happy.
and so grateful for Sophal.

in his quiet, special manner he brightened my day.
made me need to be better.

i think he {and so many others like him}
came into my life to help me to become a better person.
without knowing it or thinking about it such people continue to bless every life around them.


Battfam said...

great story. you said it write.

Haley and Jon said...

Sophal is an amazing person.He is always smiling and really interested in what people are saying. I am glad you got to meet him.

the h fam. said...

wow. thanks.

Carol said...

he is a special guy. I have helped him alot in the bookstore. I'm glad that the Lord allows our lives to be touched by such special angels.

Lucy said...

What a little sweet heart. I like those guys!

Cassie said...

I hope you can eat lunch with Sophal again.