and yet another creepy/awkward situation

it has been a while since my last story, so you get one today:

it was Nov. 30, Sunday, and i got a call to see if i had been visited this month by my VTs.
well, Jennie, the fantastic VT coordinator that she is, asked if she could come visit me.

12:00 rolled around (we have church at 1:30 p.m. ... guuuuhh, i hate getting out of meetings when it's dark. hope it changes at the first of the year.) and Jennie rang the doorbell (we have a really cool apartment--it came with a doorbell!)

we sat down, talked about Thanksgiving, school, the plant she left in their apartment (the last apartment we lived in) for me to care for while they were gone (and just as a little side note on that little plant: i SWEAR i killed it a dozen times! that poor thing suffered like no plant should. sometimes i would forget it was there, causing things to become dry and brittle, sometimes i would really remember and water waaaay too much, turning it yellow, and sometimes it would be ok. but only sometimes. in the end i wondered if it died from exhaustion of being cared for by such a gardener as me. but she said it's just fine. nice and green. WOW! ok, sorry...).

Then we went into the lesson.

the lesson started out great.
then something bad happened.
as she was talking i saw something in my peripheral vision.
something tiny, black, and SPEEDY.
it was on her right side and then, when my eyes started looking for what ran by, i couldn't see anything.
uh oh. (i know what you're thinking--wait'a go Ger, invite people in your house, sit them down, and put scary, speedy, black things in their hair)

then my eyes caught it again.
A SPIDER! (i hate spiders. no....i loath them. we have many, many, many sticky spidey traps all throughout the apartment.)
it was speeding along the left side.

my head darted, my eyes got huge (so Jennie says). Jennie noticed my reaction, she lunged off the couch. we were both squealing. (or maybe it was just me..... not sure.)
i ran to the kitchen.
grabbed a paper towel.
sprinted back to the couch.
Jennie was maneuvering the little freak with her Ensign so it couldn't scurry away.
i jabbed the couch with my paper towel.
i jabbed again and again.
i wasn't sure if i got it.
Jennie decided i probably did since there were gross little smears on my white paper towel.
i threw the paper towel away.

we sat back down, finished the lesson.
it took me a minute to stop being shaky and the heart rate to go down.
(quite the adrenaline rush.)

and i wonder why my VTs don't call.

the end.

(and no. that's not a pic of Jennie or me. prom.)


Carol said...

Too funny!!! Things like that seem to only happen when you have company.

Cassie said...

ger. i don't think I can come visit your apt. maybe we can just stand up. and then leave. that ought to work. okay. that's what we'll do.

Unknown said...

ha! funny. do they have spiders over there in Ohio?
(that could greatly influence our decision on schools..... maybe.)

the h fam. said...

haha! that was a funny story!

Lucy said...

you are a weirdo.. Oh, maybe I taught you how to act around spiders, though.

Becky said...

(full body shiver.) YUCK!!