it's me & you.

let me tell you a little story about when we just started dating...
it was after we had gone out twice (we were in the middle of planning on our next date--he owed me a snow cone.) and i was with Audrey, talking about this new fellow who i was having "the time of my life with" (her words.)
she asked me why we had clicked so quickly.
i told her about his testimony.
i told her about how he was so good, a genuinely kind person.
and then i told her that he makes me laugh more than anyone else i have ever met.
happy anniversary Jason!
i love you.
and you are still make me laugh more than anyone i know.
we have gone through a lot of things already and we made it--we are stronger than we have ever been before. we can do anything together.


the hawker's said...

congratulations! you are such a happy, fun and darling couple. love ya!

Audrey said...

First of all I love the J and G. Super cute!
Second of all I totally remember that conversation AND I also totally remember telling you that you were going to marry him and you knew it!! hehe
Happy Anni you two crazy kids!

merlene said...

Happy anniversary you two wonderful people I am so proud of you both you both are the cutest ever. Love you Grandma Merlene

Bobbi said...

Happy 1st Year Anniversary! You sure got yourself a Great catch too.

Becky said...

Happy Anniversary!!... And many more to come!!

Lucy said...

Good job, you two!