it snowed last night/this morning.

this just in: wet pant hems are not a new concept if moving from Idaho to Oregon.
i forgot soggy pant hems is the norm for winter/spring months in Idaho. how could i forget that?
beats me.
i've only lived here all my life.
but i did remember that this is what i do. this is how i roll through the winter/spring months.
with my pant legs up.
no one likes to step on a soggy pant leg. and no one likes their socks to get wet and freezy.
so there ya go.
have a great day!
(p.s. tell me you love the ancient brown shag carpet.)
(p.p.s. we really don't know where we are moving in 5 semesters (sad, that's how we school kids measure time)Oregon is not a sure thang. we just liked it and wet pant hems seemed to be destiny if we were to move in.)
the end.


Cassie said...

We also have winter in Ohio...so yes, wet hems can be achieved if you land here.

Attitude of Gratitude said...

We are still in that phase of 'I don't know where we will be in a year' mode and I love it. I'm pretty sure wet socks are among my husband's biggest pet peeves right below people who pass you on the highway, then slow down, then pass you when you speed past!!! AARRGG.

Dawn said...

Yesterday it snowed here and I was complaining about the same problem. Wet hems make life miserble. I will have to adopt your fashion of rolling up the pants. :)

Chandler Myers said...

So True. I hate soggy pant hems. Once they are wet, you're stuck with them the rest of the day.

lauren said...

Can I just say that I absolutely LOATH wet pant bottoms and soggy socks. However I do enjoy the snow and feeling justified surrounding myself with christmas music and aromas!