7 Glitches in the System

(1) i love to fold laundry..... when it's warm.  when laundry is cold it sits for quite some time before i decide i can fold it.  not sure what it is about folding cold clothes, but nothing in my body wants to take part in that activity.  however, there is a loophole these days.  our sofa is sitting over a vent and in the winter it blows warm air up through the cushions (it's quite nice) and if I pile the cloths up on there for a while and come back to fold it and everything is lovely and warm again.(p.s. that vent isn't so lovely when it's summer and cold air is what's shooting up your you-know-what. i don't really like that sofa then.)
(2) must have salt and vinegar chips + pink lemonade w/ Subway sandwiches.  MUST.
(3) when a fingernail breaks off or chips off no matter where i am, no matter who i am with, my mind is intent on getting all finger nails the same length by any means possible. (but i never never never bite--i always tare.)
and another thing: i don't feel like my finger nails grow at all when they don't have polish on them, but when i put a coat of polish on them they grow very quickly.
(4) k, stay with me on this one: when i have had a pair of socks on and taken them off temporarily, i have to put the same sock on the same foot it was previously on.  if not it drives me CRAZY!!! but, if i have mistakenly made the wrong choice, i never take the time to trade them back to the original foot because after being on the wrong foot, even for just  a minute, it still feels funky. there is just no going back unless i get a new pair of socks. and i don't really want to make that big of a fuss over such things so naturally, i just live with the bugginess until i eventually forget why i was upset in the first place.
(5) this is a little like item #4.  please don't think i'm completely nuts.....  when putting on earrings i always have to hold each earring in a different hand and decide which earring should go in the right ear (the right ear always has to go first, sometimes the left ear goes first but then i have an off day, which might not be directly related to the earring being placed in the left ear first--but it very well could be.)  if i have already placed an earring in my ear and it feels like it is the wrong earring for that ear i must take it out and decide, with both earrings in both hands, once again.
(6) i hate garbages.  i hate big, full, smelly garbages. sick. gag. guuuhhh.
(7) i have terrible breath in church, especially after the first meeting.  bad.  my mom has told me that for years. (sometimes not so nicely) and Jason has gotten to the point where he just hands over the gum mid-way through the meeting.  we have been out of our Sunday gum stash and really should make it a priority on our next trip to the grocery.  it's hard to go through all meetings knowing that your breath = major reekage.  and i have been wondering why no one likes to talk to me very much in Relief Society meeting.  (but, now that i think about it, i don't think i'd talk to me either.)
inspite of all these you guys still like me right?..... RIGHT?
TAG: Audrey (it's been a while, time for a new post), Ashley (because you seem too nice to have any weird little glitches about you) & Becca (i know you'll have some great things to say. don't disappoint.)


the h fam. said...

ok so i have to have salt and vinegar chips and pink lemonade at subway too!!! i had forgotten about that little thing though until now! i love the breath at church glitch. that's hilarious. we've all been there done that. i don't like you the same any more.... i like you ALOT more. i love people who love their flaws!

Cassie said...

Maybe when summer comes you can move your furniture around so your you-know-what doesn't freeze.
Yep, you are weird enough to be my sister. See you soon!

Kim-may said...

thank you for sharing your few funnies. i like them. i alittle OCD never hurt anyone right? it makes feel like i am just fine---i like to count the letters of random words on my fingers...so thats talk freaky.