love, actually

i honestly could not help myself.
the lighting & sky were too beautiful to pass up.
in between classes yesterday i was scurrying around town snapping all the little sights i have been keeping in mind over the past little while.
places i spied on our bike ride to Toby & Becky's the other day, places i see on my way to class, places i pass driving to the store, little ordinary things begging for their picture taken.
yesterday was their day!

i love Idaho. & trains. & old cars. & crab apples. & pretty graffiti. & old buildings. & Fridays.

have a happy weekend!


ashley mikell said...

i LOVE your blog! You inspire me! I absolutely agree a double date is a MUST! Maybe next weekend? Does that work? I will talk to Jordan and call you this week.

love you two!!

Cassie said...

cute pics ger. i love the last building with the blue door.

Bobbi said...

Hey I think that the old Green building might be the old round sucker place???
I am serious about getting family pics done!

Unknown said...

Geri...That is so weird that you took the picture of the trains with the graffitti. Everytime they are in Hamer I go and snap them. Great creative minds think alike I guess. It is nice to see your blog and keep up with you. Hope you are doing well....
Kristie (Mrs. Scott)

Lucy said...

Love the green camper!

the h fam. said...

sweet pics dude! inspiration? i think so!

the hawker's said...

how lovely, my little photo friend. i love your shots!


Scott and Lindsey said...

Hi Geri!
Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. Comments make me so happy. I think your blog is darling and I love these pictures. I'm a fan of the random and rundown myself!
Thanks again. You made my day :)
(Green Apple Photography)