a nice/crisp/chicken noodle/conference sunday.

it was cold when I woke up on Sunday. I'm pretty sure it was the first seriously cold morning of the season.
the sky was gray, there was a bite in the air, and the nearly-naked (or "scantily clad" as Jason calls it) tree outside our kitchen window only made me feel colder.
so naturally I pulled on some warm sweats, my coziest wool sweater, and headed for the kitchen.

what a perfect day for soup.
better yet: what a perfect day for homemade chicken noodles!
it was Conference Sunday so we would be in the apartment (to keep track of the boiling chicken. little lesson learned from my sissie Bobbi.)

as I cut the noodles I enlisted some help to pull apart the chicken. (my least favorite part about making chicken noodles. guuuhhh.)
the messages from the sessions of Conference were beautiful.
& the chicken noodles were quite delicious. (if I do say so myself)

later in the evening we took a drive out to Mud for some cake and dinner (sweet pork salad/tacos..... mom's fave)
after we had some tasty tacos (with zesty ranch dressing a la Bobbi) Rook, Cole, and I went outside to
a: look for kitties
b: shoot the rocket
c: snap some pics in the warm, glowing evening sunlight.
(ok, so maybe we didn't go out to snap pics. I guess I was the only one wanting to do that...... Rook didn't want anything to do w/ the camera. the picture above was the best shot I got of him. Coley was a little more willing, but when the wind started to blow he decided he was a "scardy cat" and headed for the house.)
it was a great day.


Lucy said...

I liked that day, too. I'm glad your noodles turned out good. Okay, I'll quit with the sweet pork. The only time I make it is when we have a group, cause it makes a bunch. I promise we'll do something else next time.

Bobbi said...

I am glad your noodles turned out to be tasty. I hope mom doesn't quit the pork tacos because that's the only time we eat them. I love them!

Unknown said...

mom. i didn't meant to make you feel like you should quit the sweet pork. i just have noticed that you like it. and nothing else.
but it's ok because, like Bobbi said, it's the only time we get to have it & we love it too!

Audrey said...

Mom, we all love your pork salads! That is why most of us tank up on 2 of them! Please keep those and the coca cola classics coming and we will keep coming!
Geri, nice job on the noodles. I betcha can't eat all the extra's before ya get sick of them.... I tried last week and tossed out the rest Saturday night!

the h fam. said...

i'm sure i'd love the pork things too!! and i love that you love to take pictures too!! aren't pictures the best? anyways, glad you're soup turned out! one time i made homemade chicken noodle and i walked away for what i thought was like 15 seconds and i came back and the whole pan was burned. it was thick and smoking! i didn't know you could burn soup!

Battfam said...

What is it about conference Sunday that makes us want to cook up a storm? BTW that aluminum foil thing you had going on under your pot looked like a good way to prevent a mess just in case something boiled over. Genius.

lauren said...

MMMMMMMM.... That sounds fantastic! I got spoiled and went to my mother in law's for dinner! That's how lazy I get on conference Sundays! I LOVE them!!