Move Your Boogie Body

this is my favorite thing I've seen in a VERY long time!
this oughta inspire you to start an exercise routine. it's a mighty fine good time!

feel free to move along!

or just push play, sit back, & watch as your day gets a whole lot better. (but at least get up to circle those hips. ya only live once.)

(I chose to eat 2 handfuls of Candy Corns, Brach's of course, while watching. it was a good thought........ to each his own.)

if you would like to do more you can work on you coordination with Sweet Georgia Brown, or stretch out your body with Arthur's Theme. thought I'd let ya know, just in case you got the Jazzercise feva.

(i nabbed this groovy vid from my friend Carol. thanks Carol!)


Attitude of Gratitude said...

Yea, Geri cancel my order on seeing you do the Thriller moves--let's have a video of you doing this number. This is why most of us shy away from aerobics classes I think.

the h fam. said...

hahahaa!! good thing i'm the only one at work right now cuz that was fun!!! i agree with the comment above let's see a video of you doing this dance!! shake it sugar do-it-to-it!! i LOVED that! how did you come across this?!

the h fam. said...

i watched it again and I just can't help but dance along!!! I REALLY REALLY LOVE that! haha... that was so fun! alright i'm getting of your page now, because last time was a close call with a customer seeing me do that little jig!

Audrey said...

Lane just asked me "what in the heck are you listening to??
Love the outfits, love the music, love the style, and love thqt she says hot dog at the end!
I am going to try the hip circles as soon as Lane leaves the room! awesome.

Lucy said...

That was a work out! (watching that) What was in her hair, though?

Becca's Blog said...

Hillllllllllllllarious Geri. Thanks for sharing!

Bobbi said...

You've got to find that on DVD! I love how she talks southern, twangy, rolls her tongue like she is at a fiesta! She is way better than Jane Fonda.

Carol said...

Well Geri I'm glad that you enjoyed this video and that you shared it with your blogger friends. Now we can ALL have boogie bodies.

Dawn said...

Just so you know my roomates and I had to try out the moves. It was hilarious!! We loved it. My roommate Ruth admited that it was harder than it looked. She had a hard time cordinating her hands. Haha