leafy greens

as many of you know, I have a whole new perspective on life these days.or, at least a whole new perspective on lettuce.
my aerobics class has proven to be quite the educational experience for this semester. I have learned just how much my body can sweat with spinning, I have memorized & been tested on some of the major muscles in the body and terms specific to exercise and the body in general, and I have also learned some valuable information regarding nutrition and shopping in the grocery store. (did you know the rule of the outside perimeter? neither did I! the outside perimeter of the grocery store is where all the healthy stuff sits.  everything that is living is on the outside edges, not down all the isles and isles of food--that way they can restock and replenish the living products. along the outside we can find produce, dairy, grains/breads, & meats.  we should do the majority of our shopping along the outside and only dart into the isles for those few items necessary because the items sitting in the middle don't have the nutritional value that we need in our daily diet. there ya go. the Reader's Digest version of the rule of the outside perimeter. now aren't you so smart!)
ok. I have digressed from my original topic.
where was I? oh yes. I have learned oodles in my aerobics class amidst all the butt-kicking action going on.
the latest tid-bit of information I have added to my repertoire of brilliant/useful-knowledge-learned-in-college is about lettuce. yes. that watery white/green stuff we lovingly call Iceberg Lettuce. all through the years I have thought I was being so healthy while eating fresh salads. (it seems to be the epitome of "diet food") yet, not long after eating such refreshing lunches/sides my stomach would feel a little crampy and slightly bloated. I never really put two & two together until just the other day in my aerobics class!  let me enlighten you:
Iceberg lettuce is not only the  least nutritious (with very little nutritional value at all) but it is made up of gas (Carbon Dioxide) and water. the combination of this creates intestinal gas (aka the bloated/crampy feeling and the subsequent gas that follows a nice salad of Iceberg lettuce.) 
The darker the leaf the healthier. Spinach is the healthiest of the leaves; but Romaine is the healthiest lettuce. a good combo of the two makes a healthy/beautiful/tasty salad. or so they say. I had yet to make my own until just the other day when I decided to try this out for size......
two days ago I bought a little bundle of Romaine lettuce, some radishes, carrots, broccoli, and chopped up a big, beautiful salad. armed with croutons, cheese, and my favorite raspberry vinaigrette dressing I was ready to try out this dark green salad. my teeth crunched into the crisp veggies. YUM! this was delicious and nutritious!
that big salad I made. gone. yesterday. it didn't even survive two days in the refrigerator. now that's a record!
looks like I'm headed back to the grocery for some more dark green leafy goodness.
I've got my list.
I've got my debit card.
and now I'm off to Albies.


Battfam said...

Your description of that salad makes me hungry for a really delicious one. What is your favorite dressing?

Audrey said...

Ya know what I had heard that very thing somewhere... glad you reminded me, now I will always add spinach to my bowl of greens! That salad did look mighty tasty! I had old pizza tonight....gag, can't wait for Lane to get home so I will be more motivated to make something delicious and nutritious!

Bobbi said...

Good for you guys for being motivated to eat so healthy! I usually walk right past the green lettucy stuff, only because I think it takes too long to make. (it doesn't really though) One more thing...is your dressing low fat too??

Lucy said...

women discuss the funniest things.
Your dad would think this blog lacked in interest. But that's just him.
Now me, I think this lettuce/grocery blog is very intersting! I even have the dressing in the fridge. Oh, I didn't know about the perimeter, either.