bright colors & beautiful flowering trees/bushes lining the streets with gorgeous blue sky & breath taking blue Caribbean just at the end of 5th Ave.

our fave restaurant in Palya del Carmen--Fusion. open air, back section right on the beach.

the sweet LDS church we attended & our new friend from Palya del Carmen, Alma

Jason waiting on the dock (munchin on some Ritz) for the boat & snorkel guide.
& boating out to the reef to snorkel..... in the wild wild ocean..... with GIANT devil-rays!! (or whatever they are called. yeeks!)
on Sep. 4f--what an adventurous birthday.

a snap of a pretty fish. a snap of a pretty good lookin couple.
(be nice to me, it was my birthday.)

this is my man. stopping to buy a snack at one of the little snack carts (DON'T BUY ANYTHING CHOCOLATE! unless you want to of course.) & making friends with the one guy who thought he would personally bring K-Mart to the outside of Coba.

Tulum. my favorite ruin. there is the sweetest spirit here & so many beautiful sights to see. (not to mention the breathtaking coast line just behind the ruin.) i honestly cried because it was THAT beautiful! and we got to go down to the water for a swim.
we had an LDS tour guide at Tulum & Coba (Alma) and we LOVED her! she led us in a tour with an LDS perspective and opened our eyes to the lands and ruins of the Book of Mormon. if you ever have the opportunity to go to Cancun and want to explore the ruins you MUST give Alma's LDS Tours a call. (she speaks perfect English)

our next stop with Alma was Coba. it is a HUGE sight for ruins & it's really a must to take one of the two modes of transportation to visit the sights you'd like. Jason rode the bike. I chose the little caddy/cart/bike thing..... not real sure what it's called but a real nice Mayan guy drove me and another girl.

Coba isn't fully excavated yet (& probably will never be because there are numberless ruins hidden throughout the Mayan jungle. by the way there are still Mayan people living in that jungle......)
we were able to enter the lower portion of the temple and see where there are rods where they hung curtains to separate the room. we were also able to enter the room at the top of the ruin as well.

Coba is the tallest Mayan ruin in the area. around 115 steps. we climbed EVERY ONE OF THEM. (and somehow made it to the top of the temple.)
they knew all about the things of gospel we know today. we can see that through symbols that appear on the structures at Tulum, Coba, & Chichen-Itza.

next ruin trip.... Chichen-Itza! we did a group tour for this sight. (we were sad not to have Alma there though) it's more mainland and we traveled about 3.5 hours to get there. but it was SO worth it!

here is the ball court where they would play with their hips and various objects. object of the game--get the rubber ball through the hole (look close to the left wall and you can see the hole for that side, the other side you can't see very well.) it was a HUGE deal to them and there are soooo many neat things about the court itself. you just have to see it for yourself.
and the observatory/palace.

"really cheap crap." in the words of one salesguy. they lined the paths of Chichen-Itza. (the ruin is a big city of ruins to walk through. lots of paths. lots of history. lots of souvenirs.)

after surviving the heat of Chichen-Itza we went to the famous Blue Cenote. (there are many of these underground wells throughout the Yucatan Pen. but this one is very well known because it is sooooooo beautiful & blue & only half covered.)

our last day in Cancun we went to Xcaret. (the Mexican "theme park")
they would take pictures for you with parrots & charge ya like $12 for one. we found an abandoned little set up and took our own. my feathered friend got a little out of hand during our photo shoot together. so brave. (we got our pics for FREE--i knew you'd be proud mom.)

we stayed for the famous show at the end of the day. (& got our pic taken with some scary Mayan warriors) there is no other show like this in Mexico. it was an AMAZING journey through the history of the area with singing & dancing & the most extravagant grand finale I've every seen!

we miss it. the sunshine. the delicious fruity drinks. (mmmmm mmmm mmmmmm!)

the romantic dinners on the ocean. the fresh salsa/guacamole & chips.
the beaches. the ocean. the relaxation.
BUT! we're happy to be back.


the h fam. said...

oh my gosh! how fun! i love the ruins too... weren't they amazing! i'm glad you guys had such a fun time! we should all take a big family trip there! so happy that you finally posted pics of your trip!!

Haley and Jon said...

I am so jealous I can't even believe it! The next time Haley and I go to el mejico, we've got to go where you did! Those ruins are absolutely amazing (not to mention the beach, those killer drinks, six packs, etc.) haha We're glad you had fun!!

Lucy said...

You two really know how to take a trip. That looks so cool! I'm serious, too.

the hawker's said...

Fun trip you two! Kinda makes me want to run away to Mexico right now...
p.s. That was fun to see you guys in the library the other day! For living in the same town we sure don't see each other much! Good thing you blog so I can see what you've been up to every once in awhile.

Cassie said...

How fun! How beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Becca's Blog said...

Hey, I had Alma as my tour guide at Tulum too...and that was like 5 years ago. She was great.

Looks like you guys had fun. Was this like a second honeymoon or something? Or a first honeymoon? Or just a trip? What was the purpose of your visit to Mexico? Please tell.

Bobbi said...

I hope the Warriors covered up their "privates"! yikes
The beach looked like Heaven on Earth! I would love to live there and eat those chips and salsa every single day.

Unknown said...

we went on our honeymoon a little late..... belated honeymoon you could say.
i love that you had Alma as a tour guide too!!! love her!

MommaHobbs said...

WOW! So happy you two were able to have such an awesome trip - good 4 ya!

lauren said...

Ooooh...that looks like SO much fun!!! I'm SUPER jealous!! So, yes Kate is engaged and the big day is next Friday!! It came so fast but, I don't blame her for doing a short engagement. Tom actually had the ring for almost two months before he asked her because he didn't want to steal Logan and Teisha's thunder while they were engaged so, he asked the day after they got married!! hahahaha... anyway, she basically got everyting ready to go within the first week! She's amazing! Anyway, it's gonna be crazy having everyone married! And I've got my bets on Paige getting married by the end of the year too! hahahahahaha...we will see! How have you been?

Becky said...

BEAUTIFUL & JEALOUS.... totally (both of them!!).