I hate Charlotte.

Jason's gone tonight. 
taking a test.
so here I am, in this apartment with my computer and the SPIDERS!
we catch them under the little white cupboard in our kitchen.
& now under there sits the most hugantic one yet.
we are really good at catching big ones. I'm pretty sure they are hobos.
(i gotta get outa here!)
fall is in the air.
and the biggest spiders in town all know it, tha's why they are making a break for my apartment!
I'm feeling super creepy-crawly right now.
well, anyway, feel free to come over for a visit any time!
(and when you come would you mind taking out this spidey trap for me. I can't seem to make myself touch it. I start thinking that I'm real strong and tough and can do it myself. so then I start bending over, start to stare at the freaky-death spider along with his brother and a few centipede-type creatures, and then I start whimpering, shaking, and yelping out little screams. I've decided that I'm not allowed over by that wall anymore.)
the other day (ok, so it was like last month) I was trying to find something in the bookshelf in our bedroom and I reached under it to get something that fell and my fingers got stuck on the sticky-spidey-trap under there RIGHT NEXT TO A BIG ONE! it was like lightning--how fast I jumped up and away from that spot. I was out of the bedroom and into the hall. Jason had been sitting next to me and wasn't exactly sure what had happened, pretty confused for a moment actually, because of my screaming and bawling and convulsing. (yes, I am DEATHLY afraid of spiders. a few years ago, when the new Charlotte's Web came out Audrey tried to make me watch it with her and the chillens. as soon as that NASTY spider with Julia Robert's voice dropped down into the screen I was soooooooo outa there! it caused a great little giggle for Audge and the boys.)
anyway, Jason had to hold onto me for a while because my body wouldn't stop twitching & shaking and shivering, and I couldn't stop yelping. it was quite the traumatic experience, if you can imagine. (my heck, my body is having a reaction just remembering it.)
I haven't shared that with anyone. 
consider yourself a real, true friend now.
(and don't judge me.)
I'm thinking about turning on a movie. get my mind away from under the little white cupboard and the sicko-freak spiders that live/die there. I rented Baby Mama and Penelope the other day. (I was a little surprised how much I actually liked Baby Mama, and a little disappointed in Penelope. maybe I had my hopes up a little much. maybe I'm just still trying to figure out why Reese Witherspoon (LOVE HER!) took on such a minor roll in such a....... can't think of the right word..... movie.) haven't taken them back yet. or I just might give Definitely Maybe another round.


Lucy said...

Spiders wouldn't be quite so scary if they just moved slower. I hate them, too.

Bobbi said...

You ought to think about running over to Cal Ranch and getting some major bug spray!! Get some to spray the outside of your apartment, and then some for the inside. It works (I think).

Becca's Blog said...

I totally feel bad for you...becasuse I have the same problem...hobos! Yuck. And I live in the basement room so it is even worse downstairs.

However I bought sticky traps at Ace Hardware. I also bought bug spray but I sprayed one of the big spiders directly with the bug spray and it didn't even seem to phase it so I've given up on that.

Anyway, good luck with the struggle. I guess I was prepared by my summer in Paraguay because when I see one I just think, 'well at least it isn't a tarantula.' So maybe you should just remind yourself that it could be worse, although as afraid of spiders as you are it is probably good that it isn't any worse.

the h fam. said...

i hate spiders too! not as bad as you though! my twin sister is that terrified of spider!! when there would be a spider in her room and nobody else was there to kill it for her me and my little sister would make her pay us to kill it!! haha it's funny to think about but it does sound kind of mean. i've heard good things about baby mama and been wondering about penelope. glad to hear your input!

Battfam said...

Geri, you are your mother's daughter. You will have to ask her about the time she had a little cricket, you know, like Jiminy, on her white wind breaker. You may have to ask her what a windbreaker is too. Anyway, as I remember it, she ran down our hall screaming like a madwoman. I remember all of us just standing there staring at the whole thing wondering,
"What is up with her?"

Unknown said...

Funny blog honey bunny. I just am wondering why there are no pictures to help us imagine your terror...

Unknown said...

this is jason

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Lucy said...

I may have made a fool of myself a few times when I was scared. Thank goodness I grew up. (oops, or did I? I may be still kind of weird like that.)

Cassie said...

I got the 'scared of spiders' gene too and one day I was giving a talk at church and one started going down off of the microphone (the top part that you speak in). It was just dropping slowing on its little string it makes to drop from places on. It just about gave me a stroke, and yes, I screamed into the microphone. If I would have inhaled too deeply I could have swallowed it! I'm sure it could have happened.

Audrey said...

HAAAAA Geri I am just remembering the Charlote's Web experience! That was priceless!
Do I need to remind you of the hobo problem we had down in Gma's basement?? Just make sure you NEVER leave any clothing or blankets on the floor! Ya pick them up and 9 times out of 10 you are gonna have one of those nasty little critters making a home in the clump!
I bet you in the year we were living down there... we saw, trapped, and or killed over 40 of those sick son of a B's!
Anyone that lives in an apartment or basement in Idaho (esp. rexburg and surrounding areas) you are bound to be roomies with a handful of hobo's!
Good luck!

Nash said...

Whenever I think about those sick "hobos" in our first apartment in Rexburg, I end up dreaming about them. I have some stories to share with you in person about that. I posted a nasty pic of some az sun spider here that I found two days in a row when my husband was gone. I h-h-h-h-hhhhhhATE spiders.
Should I be worried about sleeping in Audrey's basement then? I might have to rethink this. I am scared now. So, Bobbi is deathly afraid of snakes, you spiders, what's audrey's fear?

Chandler Myers said...

How'd you get so many friends?! You inspire me to keep up with my blog.