berries & cream

raspberry jam.
raspberry milkshakes.
raspberries in my cereal.
raspberries fresh and sweet by the handful.
raspberry pie.
raspberry topping (over angle food cake. heavenly).
raspberries in cream.
this morning I went to Rigby to pick raspberries with my sweet Grandma Fern.
there were lots and lots.
and we picked and picked.

and picked and picked and picked and picked and picked and picked.

the end.

yesterday I came home and this is what I found.

not only flowers (Gerber Daisies in fact!) but a delicious dinner.
I don't mean to brag......(ok, maybe I do) but I think that my husband is the bomb.com!

pics from Powell are still on their way.
yes, I did all the photography for this post (quite the little picture taker 'ey)

when you do more than 1 p.s. do you add s' or p's and how many is kosher????

can you use the word "kosher" like that?


Battfam said...

I would kill for some raspberries. They look delicious.

Becca's Blog said...

I would love some raspberries too. My mouth watered when I saw your picture. I'll be home in a week so tell Grandma to save me some if there are any still growing. And I can't believe your sister Audrey doesn't like rasberries...it almost seems not human.

the h fam. said...

you are a fab picture taker and you have room to brag so go one braggin about your hubby girl!!

Lucy said...

What a perfect day, heh?
Good job on the pics and the husband!

Cassie said...

Raspberry time! We've been making the yummiest raspberry jam. What is better than that and homemade bread/toast?!??!!? The only thing that would have made it better would have been able to pick with Grandma rather than go to my favorite little family produce market.

Bobbi said...

Grandma is so nice to share her raspberries! Those are some of the best Gerber Daisies I have ever seen. What a nice guy Jason is!

merlene said...

My cute little Egbert couple!!!! I am so proud of both of you!!! Can't wait to see the pics from the trip. I an going up to Driggs in the morning, my little brother is being put in as Stake Pres. Love to all. Gram Merlene

Audrey said...

tell jason that i am hungry, love fetticini alfredo, and work hard! can he come over?