Would You Mind Stepping Into the Bathroom With Me?

Our facilities are struggling.

We're not making a statement with the splash of green peaking over the lidless toilet top.
In the Egbert household we flush with a twisty-tie.
The handle dangles there serving no purpose whatsoever.

So, instead of dunking our hand into the dirty toilet water Jason decided to twisty-tie the broken white thing and make a hook to hang over the top. What a thinker! No more will my little fingers need to take a swim in the nasty deep of the toilet. (He really loves me!)

Have a fantastic twisty-tie-toilet-water-free day!
(I will be waiting for a maintenance man. and taking my car to get the breaks checked. I think I might exercise too. just got a cute swimming suit in the mail, now I think I wanna look cute in it. anyone tried Turbo Jam? it's the greatest!-thanks Mard)


jason said...

the pic of the inside of the toilet is almost nauseating! haha. you're a cutie bud.

Haley and Jon said...

Please tell me that you already told your manager to take care of it. I hate having to put my hand in the back of the toilet! GROSS!

Becca's Blog said...

Not to downplay your problems right now or anything Geri, but I'll trade you bathroom situations ANY day. At least you don't have little froggies swimming around in that toilet tank and at least you have a smarty pants husband who "fixed" it for you. Enjoy your fabulous bathroom.

Elder Kenny Brown said...

Ohhh, I remember the days of our first place after we married. It brings back great memories. Cherish them, even though they're frustrating!

Lucy said...

sorry about the potty troubles. Honestly, putting my hand in the back of the toilet has never really bugged me. It just ruins your watch if you use your left hand!

Becky said...

Hey... Have a blast at Lake Powell!! And please don't forget the sunblock!!

Kim-may said...

i love your blog, but even more the music "let my love open the door" have you seen Dan In Real Life? yeah..

Audrey said...

ok so now i am eager for your return so i can read all about it and have fantastic pics to enjoy.... pressure is on!
Mom, I am totally calling you if I need someone to dip their hand in my toilet cuz it DOES gross me out! YIKES

Adam,Emily, Paisley, Hayden, and Landon said...

oh please tell me about turbo jam!!! I must know more, I am trying my hardest to look cute, hopefully next summer:D me need to go do something fun!