I do.

I am: on the hunt for a new skirt

I think: socks in summertime is a sin

I know: I am a child of God

I want: more living space

I have: the greatest family

I wish: I could have a kitten

I hate: smelly refrigerators

I miss: playing the piano

I fear: change (and the scary things happening in this world)

I feel: a little emotional today

I hear: the clock ticking, a car passing by, the people above us walking around, and my fingers typing away

I smell: clean clothes

I crave: gummy sweet/fruity candy (and anything chocolate)

I search: for bathrooms where ever we go (if you need to find a bathroom somewhere ask me, I'll point you in the right direction)

I wonder: how everything is going to turn out sometimes

I regret: eating that Twix, those crackers, and the rest of the starburst

I love: JASON

I care: what other people think (sometimes too much)

I always: brush my teeth, read scriptures, and say prayers before bed (but I only wash my face in the mornings...... I know that's bad on so many levels)

I am not: good with blood (or needles)

I believe: in blind dates

I dance: with my eyes closed to loud music when I'm alone

I sing: my little heart out in church (or in the car, or with head phones, or at concerts, or basically any time I get the chance or the urge)

I don’t always: get there on time

I write: because I love it

I win: thumb wars EVERY TIME

I lose: track of time when in Target (or really any store for that matter)

I never: thought 80s fashion would make a comeback

I listen: to everyone's stories, I love stories

I can usually be found: in the notebook/paper/pen section

I am scared: of spiders and losing my memory/mind

I need: to feel understood and listened to

I am happy about: my life, my family, my future, my blessings


Becca's Blog said...

Cute post Geri! I loved it.

Lucy said...

I think: good post

merlene said...

Geri you are so cute, I love your writtings, Thank you for the fun visit last night. I lovr you & Jason so much!!!

Cassie said...

**So Sweet**

the h fam. said...

hmmm(I say this with my eys closed while taking a deep refreshing breath)... how uplifting!! :) thanks geri!

Bobbi said...

Such a fun, cute, great, post!

Battfam said...

I really liked your post too. One question though? Did you really post it at 4:33 a.m? That is what my computer said, but I don't know if that is my time or yours. Either way, you should be getting more rest. Take care of your little self!

Unknown said...

not a chance! the computer must have gotten a little confused.

the hawker's said...

i challenge you to a thumb war geri! haha... cute post