Firework Stands, July 4, & Kung Fu Panda

today I love fireworks.

maybe it's because today is the 1st of July and I'm feeling patriotic.

maybe it's because these little packets of powder are magic.

maybe it's because Jason and I just went to see Konfu Panda.
(which Jason wonders if it might encourage kids to sit on chairs that have been strapped with firecrackers, light a match, and see if they can fly........ might be worth having a chat about that with the little ones after watching the movie?)

whatever the reason.......

there is nothing like hot July days
driving by firework stands,
standing in line for snow cones,
going to barbeques and picnics,
turning up Classy 97,
waiting for the sky to be black so it can be lit up with FIRE!

have a fantastic 4th of July folks!


Cassie said...

I love your last pic on this post! Made me giggle. July 4th is the BEST!

Lucy said...

Hey, Cassie needs to get Layne to build one of the snow cone huts and start up business in Ohio. Didn't see a one of those places while we were there!
Yea for the 4th of July, for sure! I kind of miss selling the fireworks here....kinda

Bobbi said...

I love the big firework shows myself. Especially to the music.
I think my favorites were the pops or snaps and the worms growing up. It was always fun to watch them grow and then leave nasty black marks on the cement.

Becky said...

Great post... Zoey has been begging to go get fireworks ever since the stands started popping up... I guess tonight will have to be the night!!