Stab My Eye: lesson learned

ok, I can't believe I am tattling on myself but.......

this morning I woke up late and I had a headache and the only thing my eyes wanted to was close. for quite some time I debated whether or not I should go to my earliest class. (since I haven't missed and since it's one that would be ok if I missed because I wouldn't get behind....oh alright, I'll tell you--it was my religion class) while doing my hair and checking the clock every minute or so I realized that I wasn't going to make it on time.

so, by this time I was wide awake standing in my bathroom faced with the moral dilemma: run out the door half-ready, or to finish getting ready and prepare for my next class some more since there is a large test coming at me on Friday (oh crap, that's tomorrow!). the clock ticked. my head hurt. my mind weighed out the pros and cons. there was just so much to do today. so much to prepare for. I really needed an extra hour. I made up my mind.

I know it was a silly decision. I know that I should have gone. but I stayed. I finished my hair and did my make up. as I was finishing my mascara I managed to jab the brush in my right eye. ow. because of the little jab my eye was watering and all of my lashes stuck together. after the watering went down I got my sharp bobby pin (you know when the little protective heads come off and they're sharp) and started to separate the clumped eyelashes. it was then I poked my eye out. seriously. I poked a hole in my eye with my bobby pin. water gushed. my eye throbbed. all of my mascara smeared down my cheeks. (this was a MAJOR poke I'm telling you! I stabbed it!) and now, 53 minutes later my eye is still throbbing and running with water down my cheeks (so excuse the typos please, if there are any), my once minor headache has been amplified by my eye, my mascara is gone (actually it's not gone, it's all down my right cheek. I look great), and I haven't been able to do anything I thought I would!

so, I'm really not telling you this to whine, get self pity, or to clear my conscience about skipping out on my religion class (and don't try to tell my you've never done such things!). there was a lesson learned here. a moral if you will: If you try to skip out on your religion you're going to get your eye poked out and all the time you were planning to save to get so much more done is wasted because you can't even open your eyes! (and don't use sharp bobby pins to separate your eye lashes)

pretty deep, I know.
do you have any stories of such lessons being taught to you??


over an hour later.
it's still running like crazy.
I might have done some damage.

(sorry about the scary pic.
I just had to prove my point.)


jason said...

Oh honey... I'm sorry, but your picture looks like you are having a spiritual expirience with only half of your face. I think it really wanted to go to Book of Mormon this morning!

If it is stillll hurrrting when you get home we're going to make a little trip to the optometrist to check out that punctured cornea.

Unknown said...

it's been 5 hours (since 9:00) and the eye is still running. I look like I have been crying for the past 5 hours because my right eye has been! people kept looking at me in class like, "oh, she's crying. sad."

no thanks on the eye doc idea. he might try to slice my eye open and I think it's had quite enough for one day.
I'm going to go get some eye drops.

Lucy said...

Sorry about your eye. Stabbed eyes really do hurt. They sting for a very long time. I tried it by flipping the comforter while making our bed, right before going to church (to play the organ). The very corner of it stabbed my eye, and watered for an hour or so. Then about a month later, I did it again. (on Sunday again) Now I don't flip that comforter when I'm making the bed.

annie said...

one time I skipped religion(old testament specifically) cause I need to trim my hair. ok, i slept in a little and decided to cut my bangs before I headed to the Taylor. Long story short, my bangs have never recovered, and I was shamed for 2 weeks till they grew out enough to have someone else cute them. Now I grow my bangs out, much easier. I never skipped religion again though --- leasson learned. What is it about religion classes anyway, I skipped English once with nary a consequence. :) and pysch once or twice. I feel like I'm confessing, hope my mom doesn't ever read this. Love you guys much!!!

the h fam. said...

you look beautiful in your eye watering picture!! and yes i would love to show you how to make that clock! so i skipped class today too!!! i haven't learned my lesson yet because my day went pretty well! i painted a door and hung out with Paisley! next time you decide to skip class and i do to, come hang out with me and maybe my good luck will rub off on you! sorry about the eye! i've felt your pain! oh guess what? one time ben got a pencil stuck in his eye. he was throwing it up at the ceiling trying to knock a balloon down and it came right back down into his eye! but that's didn't happen because he skipped class!! so i guess that's beside the point, but he did learn his lesson of not throwing pencils at the ceiling while looking up!

Haley and Jon said...

Sorry about your eye! You should go get it checked out.
It doesn't always pay to go to class. One time I was having the urge to stay in bed, and skip my first class, and I didn't because I was trying to be good. While I was driving to school I got hit by another car. So, I missed not only my first class, but my second one as well (not to mention all the school/work I missed going to the chiropractor afterward).

MommaHobbs said...

Oh Geri, please get your eye checked. That accident Ben had, yeah I was there and it turned out to be much worse than I originally thought. Hey don't worry about the class. I actually missed a few myself. Don't tell Annie. Love you


Shelby Nicole said...

You are SO cute..I just love reading your blog cuz its like the IDEAL blog...girl...you're amazing...sure do love/miss ya!

Bobbi said...

Sorry about your eye-ball! Wouldn't it be weird if your eye was watery like that forever now? Maybe you should go get an opinion.
Don't be late to work on Saturday, I wouldn't want your other eye poked out or something even worse ot happen to you!!

Becky said...

YOWZAH!! I hope the eye is better by now... If not you better head straight to the eye doctor... Do not pass Go, Do not collect $200. (I'm not sure why I just quoted Monopoly!) Good Luck with all that!!

jason said...

It has been a few days and I have seen you and your eye is much better so quit your bawling!
Jk Sissy, I do feel bad for your eye incident. Eyes are tender little things so be careful with that mascara wand K?!

Audrey said...

oh sorry, Jason did NOT and would NOT leave such a rude comment on his lover's blog... that would be me!

lauren said...

Geri!!!! You crack me up! I love reading your blog.... I'm SO glad you're ok! :D hahahaha