lookin good.... no doc needed

just so you know--because I know you were all worried sick (only kidding):

my eye did recover (the next morning it was ok) and life is good.
in fact tonight we got some hair cuts (thanks Audge, ya turned us back into the super models we once were) and each ate a Popsicle. life couldn't be better!


Bobbi said...

So glad your eye is okay, I guess I forgot to ask you about it at work!! Oops.
Good Job to Sissy on your new hair do's. Lookin' Good guys.

Audrey said...

Audrey to the rescue, Audrey to the rescue!
Now can some one come to my rescue please??

Cassie said...

Oh, ya, your eye. Glad to know.
Audrey, I can come resuce your hair. I've done it before, I can do it again. Geri & Jason's hair looks great!

MommaHobbs said...

Geri I really was worried about your eye. In fact I left a message on Jason's cell to let me know how you were. You're so darling - and you're right this blog thing can waste a lot of a girls day if she's not careful:)


Unknown said...

sorry I didn't call you back. Jason just told me you left a message(he doesn't listen to his voice mails very often and when he does there are about a million added up). you are so sweet. thanks for checkin on little ol me.

Becky said...

Glad your eye survived!! You both look like Rock stars!! WE love ya tons!!

Kim-may said...

oh my gosh!i scrolled down and saw this ' i poked my eye with a bobby pin"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my gosh i really hope youare ok!