honestly, I had been holding off so long.
everyone was talking about them.
everyone was loving them.
everyone was reading them.
everyone but me and that's precisely why I didn't want to start.
much like the Harry Potter series, I held off reading them because.... well, because everyone else was reading them.
the pressure got to be too much for me. I had Twilight lovers coming from all sides. (love ya Becky and Karli) how long can a girl hold her ground with that kind of pressure? and I buckled.

it was pretty pathetic. I had the book in hand while doing the laundry. my eyes scanned the pages as I cleaned our kitchen. the book was set open on the counter while I did the dishes and several glances were shot in that direction. while laying in the sunshine (after I was finished studying) I was also reading that dang book! and even when I would venture into the bathroom...... JUST KIDDING! (kinda)
Jason says I read the first book in three days. but that's just not true.... I had a psychology test and took a good day or two break for that of course, then there was church and school and Mini Bazaar. in fact I just finished it two days ago and I started the second yesterday.
my point to this whole story is that, yet again, I gave into the crowd (I have proven to be quite a little follower) and, yet again, I am happy I did.
the story behind the story--about how the book came about was so interesting and very inspiring! go to the official website to check it out and prepare to be inspired yourself.


Cassie said...

Oh my, the Twilight books! My YW girls are ga ga over them. My friend Shelly lives in Stephenie Meyer's stake. Shelly's husband wouldn't let her take her books to the youth dance a few months ago to ask her to sign them. He thought that might be tacky. I think he was right.

Audrey said...

BOOOOO Geri! You buckled is right! Well, no worries, I will hold strong and come through this whole craze clean! I remember hearing the buzz last year and thought... yet another book I will never read and have to hear everyone else go goo goo ga ga over! (tell me all about it)shhhhhh

annie said...

I too am a sheep.
I refused to read it until this year. I'm not into reading what the crowd reads. I think I'm smarter and more literature savvy than that. I was wrong. I did love them (dang it). Now I want to watch the moving (dang it again, I hate being the follower, I like to lead to much!)
love you like a sista ;)
and I love your sisters too!!

the h fam. said...

me too!!! in fact i just finished the third one two weeks ago. my sisters read them last year and all of my friends kept telling me how great they were but i just wasn't going to read a book about vampires!!! but they were fabulous and i too can't wait for the movie!! we should see it together!!

Becky said...

YAY!!! It's about time... I will never lead you astray with books!! I'm a bookaholic... And that series is one of my favs.
P.S. I hope it's not my books you're reading in the bathroom...SICK-O!!

Unknown said...

hey, I told ya I was totally kidding about the bathroom thing!!!