Do you have time for a little story?

It was Saturday night. Priesthood meeting night. (Conf. was so great by the way!!!) And I was going to hang out with Audrey while the boys were at their meeting. When I got to my grandma's house the smell of freshly made bread greeted me at the door, it was fabulous.... My grandma was just pulling a loaf out of the oven. Because I had some delightful dinner just prior to my journey over to Grant I could not possibly have a slice yet.

Audrey and I did our thing, then came back to the house and I knew that some homemade bread was waiting for me. When we got there I warmed up a slice, buttered it, and then looked in the fridge for a little jam. I couldn't see any of my grandma's yummy homemade jam so I grabbed a bottle with Chinese figures all over it and decided to have a light layer of peach jam. (after all, I do love peach jam......aunt grace)

I bit into the bread after getting it just right. I realized that not every body's peach jam tasted like my Aunt Grace's but this stuff was pretty bad. I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings so I tried really hard eat it--taking my time. It was really bad! My stomach started to grumble a little bit and there was a weird feeling at the back of my throat. Audrey came back in the room and said she was going to have some bread too. I said, "Don't put any peach jam on it--sorry, but it's deeesgusting." Lane and Audrey both looked at me confused. "Uhhh, we don't have peach jam." Lane looked at me, then at the fridge in the kitchen, "Did you put Sweet and Sour sauce on your bread?!"
My jaw dropped. Jason laughed. Everyone laughed. My stomach gurgled a little.

I ran to the fridge and swung open the door. I pulled out the bottle of nastiness I had spread all over the delicious bread. Audrey came with me and said "No! That's Grandma's Chinese Citrus Tea!" I ruined homemade bread by putting some sort of Chinese tea concentrate all over it....AND I ate all but two bites!

There you have it. Word to the wise--don't be putting orange substances on your food if you can't read the label!
I had a very uncomfortable ride home.
I was nauseous.


Battfam said...

Geri, Geri, Geri.

Becky said...


Audrey said...

Dude, I laughed just as hard reading this as I did the night it happened! That was priceless and SAD!!
So should I tell Brother Wai to pick ya up some next time he is in China?

Cassie said...

My whole life I have had the rule not to eat anything orange and giggly. Until now, I didn't have a good reason. Thank you Geri for giving me my reason!

Cassie said...

I really should start proof-reading my comments BEFORE I send them and not reread them after they are posted. AND if that orange stuff was giggly I'm not sure grandma ought to be sipping it hot. (I tired to type jiggly.)

Becca's Blog said...

Genius Geri, genius. Yeah, avoiding anything you can't read the label on is probably a good idea for future reference. I had to grow up careful though. We used to have sheep milk and weird animal medicines in our fridge so I am always on guard.

Bobbi said...

Bummer Geri!

Lucy said...

Reminds me of the time I spray painted my arm pits!

Bobbi said...

hi Geri! This is Carter. I like the Picter ov yeu and jassiN.